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Why conquer your fear when you can laugh at it?

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What the heck is a fear monster?

Your fear monster is your imaginary friend who lives in your head and tells you to be afraid of whatever it is you're afraid of. Fear monsters come in many forms: furry insecure perfectionists, scaly anxious hypochondriacs, or even the dreaded green jealous complainers! It doesn't matter what kind of fear monster you have, Fear Monster Obedience School can help you train them all.

What if you don't need to conquer your fear after all?

Everyone has heard the adage at one time or another, "conquer your fear," but how exactly do you do that? Is it even possible to slay this giant imaginary beast?


What if, instead of conquering your fear, you just learned to have a different relationship with it? What if you could get to the root of where that pesky fear monster comes from? What if fear is not something to be conquered at all, but something that just needs a little more attention and love from you? Sounds a little more plausible, right?


That's the magic of it. When you stop trying to conquer your fear, and simply create a loving space for your fear monster to express itself, the fear starts to dissolve. It never really fully goes away, but when you let it talk, all of a sudden that takes the power away from the fear monster and gives you the ability to choose for yourself.


Fear Monster Obedience School is an organization dedicated to exactly that. We're here to help you learn how to change the way you react to your fear, and how much power that fear has over your life.

We'll take you through a unique process, developed by spiritual teacher and stand up comedienne Jillian Ratliff, that uses both love and laughter as tools to train the fear monster to behave and let you do what you need to do in order to live an amazing life!

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