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Why conquer your fear when you can laugh at it?

What do you REALLY want?

January 9th, 2015


Hi everyone! Happy Fear Monster Friday!


This week, George and I were having a discussion about what I really want. And he likes to play "the confusion game" whenever my heart really wants something. He likes to pretend not to know what it is I want. (And the more my heart wants something, the more he likes to play this game!)


I'm sure everyone has been guilty of this from time to time, and then you find yourself settling for something kind of close to what you want, but not quite. Because getting what you really want usually involves taking a risk of some sort.


George likes to bury his head in the sand whenever there's something I want A LOT. There's a reason for this, although it doesn't make much sense to me.


You see, to fear monsters, there is always a risk of getting hurt because you can't have what you really want. The funny thing is though, when you choose to not do anything out of fear, you're definitely not going to get that thing that you wanted.


To most fear monsters, the certainty of definitely not getting what you want is preferable to the uncertainty of maybe not getting it if you tried. Silly, right?


The good thing is, that if you can just have some compassion for yourself and embrace the fact that you don't know, it tends to open up some space in your mind for the answer to appear.


I hope this helps shed some light on your fear monster.


Let me know in the comments, is there something that you REALLY want, but have been afraid to admit to yourself? Be brave and admit it in the comments!


Sending you all lots of love and a big hug!



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