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Why conquer your fear when you can laugh at it?

Training the "fear of change" monster


Breaking through the fear that keeps you from creating the life you've always dreamed of!


In this 8-week course, you'll get to know your fear monster, where it comes from, how it holds you back, and most importantly, how to laugh at it, so you can move past it and live an amazing heart-led life.


Why it's important


Change happens. It's a part of life. Whether your fear monster likes it or not, things are going to change. But would you rather sit back and be at the mercy of the whims of life, or would you rather empower yourself to create the real, lasting change that you want? Most of us want the latter, and yet our fear monsters keep us stuck. When your fear monster isn't properly trained, you'll notice yourself doing things that are inconsistent with the life you want to create. For example:


• Eating that sugary snack even though you want to lose weight

• Flopping onto the couch when you get home rather than working on your passion

• Staying in a relationship that isn't fulfilling even though you know you deserve better

• Working at a job that drains the life out of you, rather than creating a better career for yourself

• Buying stuff you don't need instead of paying off debt

It's a subconscious choice, most of the time. The "fear of change" monster is afraid that if you change something, it's going to get worse.


The good news is, you can get past this fear monster! That's what I'm going to teach you in this 8-week process.


What we'll cover


• Week 1: Accepting the present reality

• Week 2: Accepting the past, so you can change the future

• Week 3: Giving the fear monster a voice (and a name!)

• Week 4: How your fear is holding you back or hurting you, and how it might be helping you

• Week 5: Putting the fear monster on a diet -- Cutting off the fear monster food supply!

• Week 6: The first law of fear monsters: for every fear, there is an equal and opposite love reaction (And yes, I know this is a play on Newton's Third Law but it didn't make sense to just jump to the third law of fear monsters...) -- Learning to love the fear monster.

• Week 7: Creating a vision for your future

• Week 8: Creating a life you love through consistent and aligned action.


What you'll get out of it


By the end of class, you'll be empowered with a process to tame your fear monster when it pops up. It will still be there, of course, but if you have a better relationship with it, it won't be so out of control. By the time class is over, you'll be ready to create an amazing heart-led life.


What you'll put into it


Every week, you'll get an email from me with the following materials:


• A 15-30 video guiding you through the same process I've used to train George (I was originally aiming for an hour, but quality over quantity!)

• A download-able workbook for you to take notes and explore your own fear monster

• A "home-play" assignment or two (it's not homework because that's not fun), to put what you've learned into practice immediately

Although I've worked very hard creating this class, I can't change your life for you. You'll only get out of this class what you put into it. So watch the video (or read the transcript), and do your home-play!


How much it costs


Here's the thing. As far as I know, everyone else who makes money in the self-help world operates more or less like this: "Give me money, and then I'll help you change your life!" Which is fine…. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. That's how businesses run. Nobody has ever done it differently.


But for some reason I'm just physically incapable of doing things the way everybody else does them. The "give me money, then I'll help you" thing just doesn't feel right to me. So here's the way it's going to work, for as long as I can afford to make it work.


You get to choose your price!


It's kinda crazy. I KNOW! There are people that charge thousands of dollars for online classes of this sort. I could. I just don't want to.


It's more important to me that I help you with your fear monster. I will accept whatever you can pay me. This is my gift to you, and whatever you can give will be a wonderful gift back. And if you can't afford to give anything, let me know and we'll talk about how you can pay the kindness forward by helping someone else.


Besides, I  truly believe that when you follow

 your heart, you will be provided for.


This is an experiment to prove just that. Because I want you to believe that it can be true for you too.


One caveat, although you get to choose your price, I would really encourage you to make a commitment to yourself and put some skin in the game before class starts. I know that I've signed up for all kinds of online classes that are FREE, and then only gone through the first week. I wasn't committed because I didn't have anything to lose.


Commit to yourself by paying something today,

and I'll give you 30 days from the start of class to let you change your mind.

No questions asked, I'll give you your money back.


I know many of us are indoctrinated to the consumer culture, and if your brain can't handle not being told how much the class is worth, that's okay. I would suggest a minimum donation of $30.00. I believe the value you will get from the class is far more than that. So put 30 bucks in as a commitment to yourself, and if you'd like to donate more out of gratitude later, I would welcome that!




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