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Why conquer your fear when you can laugh at it?

"Perfectly Reasonable" Excuses!

January 2nd, 2015


Well, the new year is here, and with that come new resolutions. One of mine was to get the comic done and posted every week by 7am pacific time on Friday. As you can tell, I've already buggered that up.


George would like you to know that we had a perfectly reasonable excuse! You see, I've injured my right wrist, and I'm right-handed. "It hurts every time I move my wrist" certainly seemed like a totally rational excuse not to do the comic at all!


And then, it occurred to me that a comic is just a series of pictures that tell a story. Nobody ever said I have to draw the thing.


So, as we embark on this new year, I hope this helps you to remember that there's always going to be a completely reasonable (sounding!) excuse between you and what you really want. Some examples:


• I don't have enough time!

• It's too difficult.

• She might not go out with me if I ask.

• I'm not good enough.

• Everyone will laugh at me.

• It hurts every time I move my wrist!


And so on....


Just keep in mind that when your heart really wants something, there will almost always be a few obstacles in the way. That's normal. There is always going to be some kind of perfectly reasonable excuse not to do what you know you've gotta do! That's normal too. It may not work out exactly like you had planned, but if you keep pushing past your excuses, it will work out!


I'm finding, in my own pursuit of my dreams, that the excuses and obstacles are like the Universe asking me, "Well, okay Jillian, how bad do you really want it?"


So, if your dream is not something that you're willing to push past the excuses for, then I would encourage you to find a dream that IS worth it! (Makes life a lot more fun.)


Also, don't let a lack of perfection stand in your way. Like, I've already messed up on my resolution for the new year, but you can bet I'm going to try again and do better next week.


Sending you all a big hug and lots of love! Happy new year!



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