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Why conquer your fear when you can laugh at it?

What the heck is a fear monster?

Your fear monster is your imaginary friend who lives in your head and tells you to be afraid of whatever it is you're afraid of. Fear monsters come in many forms: furry insecure perfectionists, scaly anxious hypochondriacs, or even the dreaded green jealous complainers! It doesn't matter what kind of fear monster you have, Fear Monster Obedience School can help you train them all.

For the Southern California Locals...

The "OMG what will they think of me?" monster

How to learn to love yourself and forget about what other people think. You might not be strutting around town in spandex by the end of class, but you'll want to!

Coming soon....

The "fear of opening up again" monster

How to heal from a breakup or loss. This class will help you transform the pain of loss into sacred, happy, memories. You'll learn the tools to open up your heart again, to all that life has to offer (maybe even a new romance, if that's what you want!)


The "I'm going to go to hell" monster

12 steps for recovering Christians. Unlearn the fear you may have picked up from (hopefully) well meaning pastors and Church leaders, and replace it with a version of Christ's teachings that embody only love.

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