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Why conquer your fear when you can laugh at it?



When I first figured out I wanted to help people with their fear, I tried to volunteer for several organizations who were dedicated to helping soldiers with PTSD through art. As a comedienne, writer, and artist, I considered myself qualified to do so, but none of the organizations I found would let me volunteer without a master's degree.


I determined at that time that when I had my own organization, I would never turn down anyone's help if their heart was in the right place.


So, whatever it is you feel you can add to the team, let me know. Some talents may take me a bit longer to find a use for than others. For instance, I do not currently know what I would do with someone whose talent was juggling flaming swords…. BUT I think that's an awesome talent, and would definitely find a use for it ... eventually.


Whatever your gift, if you want to give it, I will find a way to make that happen.


That being said, some talents are more useful right now than flaming sword juggling. We are specifically looking for volunteers to help with the following:


• Copy editors

• Translators (Spanish, Italian - I speak a little of both but I'm sure I sound like a toddler to a native speaker.)

• Video editing guru

• Website maintenance ninja

• Photographers

• Contributing writers for the magazine (coming soon!)

• Event organizers

• Board of directors (not just a resume stuffer, you will be helping to guide the direction of the organization)

• Accountant

• Lawyer

• Comedians

• Coaches (if you'd like to be a certified fear monster trainer!)


If you think you can help with these things or anything else, please click here, fill out a form, and your information will get sent to the right person.


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