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January 10, 2014


The "what if" game can get out of control so quickly, can't it?


Do you ever have one of those "fear monster attacks" where your mind just goes into hyper overdrive about all the possible things that could go wrong? I do. I don't know about you but sometimes when George really gets going, he's afraid of both things going wrong and things going right! (Perhaps a subject for a future cartoon!)


This is where naming your fear monster really comes in handy. It's silly, of course, but it's actually pretty useful in breaking up that thought pattern when the fearful thoughts just start coming at you, rapid fire!


So next time your fear monster gets out of control, try getting out a piece of paper and writing all of the fearful thoughts down. Sometimes you don't realize which fearful thoughts are based in reality, and which ones are just completely ludicrous. (Guess what, this week's comic is based on a true story! George actually said all of those things to me at one time or another.)


1. Give up trying to control your thoughts. Just observe them. Sometimes your fear monster might actually have a valid point. And even if he doesn't, sometimes allowing your fear monster to have a temper tantrum will reveal something about yourself that you need to heal.


2. Use reason, whenever possible. This is where writing things down really helps. Talk back to your fear monster! Tell him or her how this fear is holding you back. Understand that your fear monster is just trying to protect you.


3. Have compassion for that part of yourself. Your fear monster is YOU after all. Part of learning to love yourself is to learn to love all of you. That includes the fear monster.


I hope this is helpful! Let me know in the comments section how you deal with your fear monster attacks!


Sending you all lots of love,




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